• The Stranded Train Committee wishes to invite people to come to the Train Liberation ceremonies in Farsleben, Germany to see the Monument and meet survivors, liberators, special guests and their families.
    See the invitation below and register if you plan to come.


  • Official Monument Dates will be: 17th and 21st of April 2020 at the Seeweg, Farsleben train tracks. Both dates will have similar ceremonies, only the quests and speakers may vary. Thus it is not necessary to attend both dates, but you are welcome to do so. On 19th April the Belgen Belsen Museum will have a Liberation Ceremony. Anyone wishing to attend should contact this website or the Belgen Belsen Museum or Varda Weisskopf in Israel.
  • 16th November 2019 near the Farsleben train tracks two Hickory Trees were planted in the vicinity of the future Liberation Monument in Commemoration for the 30th Division, the so called Old Hickory Division. A lot of locals came out in the cold and rain to plant these hard to find trees.

  • A small wireless chip the size of a grain of rice will be placed on top of the monument. By simply scanning the chip with most newer android and apple mobile phones it will effortlessly connect the user to this memorial site:
    This will direct the visitor to reach multimedia content to experience more of the history on the events that took place here on the 13th of April 1945.
  • Recently four Veterans of the 30th Division attended the Limburg, Holland 75th Liberation Ceremonies in September 2019. This was the same Division that liberated the train. The Veterans were: John O'Hare, George Hamm, Peter Munger and Tony Jaber. Accompanying them were family members and a few current military members of the 30th Division, among them Col. Wes Morrison. See photo's in the Margraten Cemetery, Holland. 

  • Below are newly discovered photo's of the 30th Division during the Liberation of Heerlen, Holland on 17 September 1944.
  • If anyone recognizes any of the Veteran faces please contact us using the Contact tab on this website.
All photo's below have copyright and require permission to use. Copyright Erik Vleeshouwers, Hunsel.