Future requirements


  • Mission 1 - acquire permission to place a Monument, create a Foundation and a Website - Accomplished.
  • Mission 2 - to ask for donations, acquire a Monument and find a suitable text - In process.
  • Mission 3 - to have the text approved by the Mayor and Foundation Advisors - Anticipated in January 2020.
  • Mission 4 - completion date and unveiling of the Monument 17 April 2020 and further events on 21 April 2020 – to be announced at a later date. 


The Monument will be a reminder for future generations that this train was liberated in Farsleben, Germany by the American Army, the Old Hickory Division.

Funding is an ongoing process and we thank you for your donations. We still require funding, so please donate if you can.

Mrs. Moritz, a local family, also took in one of the survivors in her home, Mimi (Nissim) Misrachi/Mizrakhi. If anyone could help find this person please use the Contact sheet of this website.
Should anyone wish to have further information please use the Contact sheet.
This goal got started by finding the Memoires of Gina Rappaport typed in English on German stationery at Hillersleben April 1945, which was lost for 63 years. Gina wrote: "I shall never forget what I owe to the American Army." Perhaps many feel the same way.
It was Frank Towers’, officer in the liberating US Army, passion to organize reunions for the Old Hickory Division and to invite as many survivors of the train as he could find over the years, sadly he passed away in 2018.