Stichting (Dutch Foundation) Farsleben Foundation

Tax code number 857724034

Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 69082634

C/o Mr. S. Vaessen, P.O.Box  7, 6400 AA  Heerlen, The Netherlands

The purpose of the Foundation is to collect funds/donations to place a Monument/Marker in memory of the liberation of the Holocaust Train on the 13 April 1945 in Farsleben, Germany. The train was liberated by the American Army of the tank regiment of the 30th Division, the so-called Old Hickory Division. In the train were 2,500 displaced persons placed in cattle cars on route to be exchanged for German Prisoners.

To search for a monument based on the received funds. Depending on the amount received will determine the size and the cost of the Monument/Marker. All of this in memory of the Liberated Train Prisoners and for the Old Hickory Division Veterans.  The website www.13april1945.com will be updated regularly with the progress of the collections, additional news and adding more photos when possible. The initial deadline, if achievable, will be 13 April 2018 to unveil the Monument/Marker.  Only if there are unsufficient funds will the monument/Marker be postponed for another year.  In case of more than adequate funding this will be used to enhance and improve the current unknown Train Prisoners Grave Marker in Farsleben, that has only a German text. Should there still be funds left over then the rest would be donated to the Bergen-Belsen Museum.

The Chairman is Steph Vaessen, The Treasurer is Eke Zijlstra and the Secretary is Ed Schroeders.

The Supervisory Board will be the Heerlen Rotary Club. They will monitor the practices, the management and the safe keeping of the donations.

According to the statutes a majority must approve all decisions for expenditures.  Board Members will receive no payment for their voluntary services. Only costs made on behalf of the Foundation will be reimbursed. All bank payments requires two Board Members to approve.  Each Board Member owns 0% equity in the Foundation.

The Annual Accounts will be recorded for the period from 1 July 2017 through 30 June 2018

A report will be made as to the details of the payments made on behalf of the Foundation.