The goal of this website is mainly to raise funds for creating a monument in Farsleben, Germany, to remember April 13, 1945
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Survivors rest on an embankment next to a stopped train.

The train was carrying ca. 2,500 concentration camp inmates, primarily Jewish, who were liberated by the 30th Infantry Division of the U.S. Ninth Army. Many of the prisoners died during the transit, and most survivors were suffering from severe malnutrition and lack of medical attention.

American troops of the 743rd Tank Battalion and the 30th Infantry Division came upon a railroad in Farsleben outside of Magdeburg. The train consisted of both cattle and passenger cars. This train was one of three that left Bergen-Belsen between April 6 and 10 bound for Theresienstadt. The prisoners were held as hostages. The SS and the Foreign Office of Nazi Germany wanted to exchange the hostages for German civil internees in foreign countries. Only one train arrived in Theresienstadt; the third was liberated by Soviet forces outside of Troebitz.

Photo Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration, College Park